2014 SecoGlobal Parts & Equipment
SECO supplies spare parts for military vehicles and equipment worldwide, including all installations, approved foreign governments, and direct to DLA / TACOM.
Seco supports the following Vehicle Platforms:
HMMWV (all variants)
CUCV Utility Vehicle (M1008, M1009,etc.)
M35 Series (2.5 Ton A2, A3)
M52, M809 + M939 Series (5 Ton A1, A2)
M915, thru M920 Series (A1, A2)
FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles)
M-Series Trailers of any size
M109 Howitzer (all variants)
M113 APC (A1 thru A3, YPR)
M88 Recovery Vehicle (A1, A2)
M48 & 60 Tank
M1 Abram
M2/M3 Bradley
SECO, in the military spare parts business since 1951, is a major supplier of U.S. Military vehicles and spare parts. With more than than $30 million in inventory and 70,000+ line items in stock, we can truly be your one stop source for your military spare part and assembly needs. In addition to our 6,000+ square meter warehouse and 16+ hectare supply yard, we have a rebuild/overhaul facility where we can rebuild everything from complete vehicles to major assemblies, all to DMWR specifications.
Southeastern Equipment Company
3000 Mike Padgett Highway
Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: (706) 706-798-7500
Southeastern Equipment Company
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